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Competition in the Acts of the Apostles - Part I

Please write your name and your e-mail, in the place designated for that purpose, the number of questions (first part) 30 thirtieth question, each question contains the statement, this statement may be correct or incorrect, according to what is written in Acts of the Apostles, if statement is true then press the circle for True, and if the statement is false then press the circle for False.


After completion of the answer, press the button the bottom of the page, and will show you the result of the contest in the case, and will send an email to you on your e-mail about the outcome of the contest, also will send an email to the priests of Church about the outcome of the contest.

  The Question True False
1 The price of books of magic that they gave at Ephesus about 50 thousand pieces of silver
2 The angels say to the Apostles this same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come as ye have seen him go into heaven meant by the second coming of the judgment
3 The distance between Jerusalem and the Mount of Olives travel Sat
4 Jesus ascended to heaven from the Mount Olive
5 Word Barnabas means I'm preaching
6 On a miracle cure lamest gate of the temple happened persecution of the church in Jerusalem, Crowds going in Core Judea and Samaria, except the apostles
7 When Peter and John went to Samaria after accepted faith in the Lord Jesus baptizing them all and put them hands to accept the Holy Spirit
8 Eunuch after Imad al-Habashi hijacking the Spirit of the Lord Phelps and subsequently found in Ashdod and then went to Caesarea
9 Saul after hearing the sound of the sky remained in Damascus 3 days does not see a fasting do not eat or drink
10 The paralytic man in his son Peter's lips lying on the bed since 18 years
11 The city generated near the city of Jaffa
12 Cornelius was a centurion of the band Greek
13 Simon Skinner, Pete was on the Sea
14 Remained Barnabas and Saul at Antioch Church year and note a sizeable crowd  
15 John (Mark the Apostle) with Paul and Barnabas in their skin Salamis and Paphos
  The Question True False
16 Saul son of Kish was king of the tribe of Judah
17 Timothy was the son of a Jewish widow locked WAP Greek
18 In the second missionary journey to the Apostle Paul spoke Emh and humans in Asia joined a large number of the Church
19 Meet Paul and Silas Lydia saleswoman purple next to the river in the city of Philippi
20 The number of men who baptized Paul Ephesus and put their hands to accept the Holy Spirit 7 men
21 Send Paul to Caesarea by Alamirala Felix the governor in the battalion of 200 military and 70 Fares and 200 Rameh
22 Drusilla was Jewish
23 Paul was Jewish by faith of the Sadducees
24 Port area was good fit for Mashta
25 Bury believers Dorcas after that Gusloha after her death immediately summoned Peter
26 Trip missionary apostle Paul took with him Aquila and Priscilla of Corinth and left them in the city of Ephesus
27 When revolted Alavssen order gods Artames and gathered and were a people often spoke to Paul to Ahdihm but had not heard of him
28 When establishing Tabitha was there with Peter in the attic of many widows who when they saw the miracle glorified God
29 In the Sermon on the Apostle Paul to the people of Athens cited statements pagan poets and philosophers to convince them to believe in
30 In Philby angel of the Lord appeared Paul and Silas and saved them from prison and cured Grahathma